Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stephen King's ~ Duma Key ~ Story set in Florida? Hmmm,..

Attention all S.K. fans!

Mr. Stephen King has really out done himself on this one!
{"This one is a real treasure!"}
"DUMA KEY", a paradise set on an island on the Gulf Coast of Florida!
I can relate to this fictional island in my mind as I hail from the Sunshine State.

This is the novel I anxiously anticipate an adaptation to film and hopefully it will not take as long as the other S.K. "book to film" projects.

Stephen King's latest novel, "DUMA KEY," tells the story of Edgar Freemantle and his recovery from a terrible nightmare-inducing accident that stole his arm and ended his marriage.

Many S.K. fans have already said; "It is as truly scary as anything King has ever written".

In "Duma Key", Edgar Freemantle is one of King's most interesting protagonists starring in what is, again so far, one of his finest mysteries.

For some time now I've been wondering, like many of you I'm sure, what happened to the guy who brought us Misery and The Stand and two of my own favourites, The Long Walk (okay, that's a Bachman) and Hearts in Atlantis.

At least one of the mysteries of Stephen King has been solved,..he can write again after his Accident and it is really hitting home with many of his readers!

I'd say he's finally found the niche it seems he's been so determined to find and occupy in the years since his Accident, that of the writer who can bridge the great divide between genre and literary fiction.

My faith is restored that Mr. King is well on his way back in his craft, and this time he is coming on strong!

In Mr. King's latest work; "DUMA KEY", there is a "life after accident"!

Here is a clip from MSNBC, An interview with "The King of Horror",...

I am a native Floridian, a Florida Keys Islander; and I have been to some of the actual areas that Mr. King has trend.
I can vividly imagine the actual island of "DUMA KEY" even though I know it is absolute fiction.

As far as the horror part, I have yet to really dive into reading
"DUMA KEY" and I plan to write a review on this new book as soon as I have read it,..maybe twice.
Congrats Stephen!
You have really found another way to creep your fans out!
I look forward to future novels!

Note to readers:
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