Monday, February 12, 2007

KEY LARGO, FLORIDA : "Cockers Spaniels in the Conch Republic".


Lanna, a.k.a. (Spooky), Puppette, a.k.a. (Mookey), & Sandee Sea, a.k.a. (Sandera).

Our first three cocker spaniels dressed in their jerseys and ready to play.
Lanna, or shall I say, "Spooky",was the baby and she was a feisty little girl that kept the other two in line. She was nicknamed "Spooky" because when she was a tiny pup, she used to sleep up in the book shelf part of the headboard of our bed. She found the toggle switch that turned the 'over-head' lights on and she would flip the lights on and off in the middle of the night. She also looked 'spooky' when you looked at her in the dark.

Puppette, or shall I say, "Mookey," was the second youngest and she got her nickname because she looked like a 'Star Trek' character by the name of the same.
She was named 'Puppette' because when she first started to walk, she looked as if someone were holding the strings that made her feet lift up. She is still with us and she is such a quiet and faithful dog.

"Sandee Sea", and yes, we called her "Sandera" for short, was certainly the head of the pack, "God Rest Her Soul," she was always bringing us gifts so we also called her, "Sandee-Claws".

We dearly miss "Lanna" (Spooky) and "Sandee Sea!"

"Puppette" is still our 'leading lady' and we show her the respect and compassion she so deserves.

All of our dogs love to swim in our pool and love to sun bathe.

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