Saturday, February 10, 2007

MAINE : "My First Day in Maine" - September 2006.

My very first day in Maine began with landing in Bangor and enjoying a lobster roll at the diner inside of the airport facility.
This was my very first day and my very first taste of Maine lobster.
I must say it was quite a surprise to me that Maine lobster taste so different from the Florida lobster I have dined on for over 20+ years.

Only 49 minutes away from Bar Harbor, I was so excited to see this Maine coastal resort town that I headed east on the Interstate and followed the signs that marked the exits to Ellsworth and Bar Harbor.

Driving from Bangor and through Ellsworth on route to Bar Harbor, I began to see the transition from city to town, and from town to the sea port. Crossing the many rivers and streams, I felt right at home with the water views and the sounds of sea birds as I approached Bar Harbor.

I felt a sense of "déjà vu" as I rode into Bar Harbor, it was as if I had been there before, and that I had seen those buildings on the corner and that house on the hill once before, and I wondered what the connection was with this small harbor town that made me feel so at home.

I felt so young and alive again, and then it came to me,..

"I was born and raised in the seaport town of Key West, Florida the Southernmost City in the United States. An island seaside port that was once touched by so many of New England's ships captains and their families as they built their New England style homes and cottages, where the foot steps of my youth had once tread, and I had walked the very streets and lanes that were paved by many a sea captain that left New England in search of warmer climates and the riches of treasure and trade".

Walking the narrow sidewalks of Bar Harbor and past the cottages with their white picket fences, the smell of the salty air, all brought me back to a time of my younger days of exploring my own hometown port. And the sights and sounds stimulated my every senses beyond all description.

There were elements of this sea coast town that were not familiar to me such as the jagged rocky edges where the land meets the waters edge, and the tide lines that were more than twice the marks of my home town port.
The air was cool, the sun was shining bright in a clear blue sky, and as I stared at the mighty Atlantic Ocean I saw the face of an old familiar friend staring back at me.
And so I spoke aloud and said; "Hello, do you remember me"?


Stephen King said...

Greetings Laurie!

Just stopped by to read your new blog site, and I have already signed up to recieve your new blogs. Your writing style is quite good and I look forward to seeing you in Kissimmee, Florida soon.

Stephen King said...
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